Latitude64° Festival 2017 @ Otepää, Estonia (3.-4. June)

Yleistä friba-läppää.

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Latitude64° Festival 2017 @ Otepää, Estonia (3.-4. June)

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Kuutsemäe location:

It is a two-day event that is held on 3 different courses in Kuutsemäe, Valgjärve and Meegaste. You play 1 round on each course. It is a non-PDGA event and the focus is on promoting discgolf in Estonia. It is a promotional event where we would like to invite Finnish players and the Estonian top flight. Teemu Nissinen and Silver Lätt are coming! What are Your plans? :)


Date: 3.-4. June
Location: 224km from Tallinn in Kuutsemäe Ski Resort
Conditions: 3 courses, 270 players, non-PDGA promotional event.

3 courses, 3 rounds, 1 round per course - Kuutsemäe, Valgjärve (Euro Tour event course), Meegaste. All located in the same area (approximately 30km drive). Two rounds are played on Saturday, one on Sunday.
Registration starts: 2 January @ Skoorin
Entery fee: € 20.

4 Categories: MPO (900+ PDGA), MA3 (Under 900), Masters, FPO
MPO will have cash payout to 3 top places (expected: 750€, 500€, 250€ + presents from sponsors - last year we had a GT Mountain-bike + different kind of other prizes), places 4-6 will get presents from sponsors. Focus is on fun and promotion. Not raitings but just a good training and chill!

Also we will have lots of prizes for MA3, Masters and FPO. Hope to get a cash payout for every group.
Accomodation is in Kuutsemäe. We will have good packages for players. Courses are ready on the 1st of June. Players will arrive on 1st or on 2nd June to practice.
Kuutsemäe CDG aftermovie this year: ...


1. june - arrival, training session, chillout
2. june - training session, chillout
3. june - 2 rounds + players party
4. june - 1 round + tournament ceremony

If you are interested in participating, let me know. Thanks!
Silver Leetma / +372 56 220 185 /
"Menkää ihmiset kotiinne ja hankkikaa vaikka joku järkevä harrastus."

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